I began my DJing career spinning Florida breaks in the Washington, DC. rave scene (1995), receiving my first residency at Lowtech, a Tuesday Night dance party held at the Caffe house on 12th and U street. Lowtech was considered the most successful Tuesday club night in the DC area for years, even being mentioned in URB magazine. Lowtech ran for four years, and moved to several larger venues in and around the Washington area. From 1996 to 2000, I held residency positions in Virginia, Baltimore, and DC including the Edge Nightclub, and the legendary Trax Nightclub in South East, DC. In 2000, I left the DC area to pursue my continued education in Music. From 2000 to 2004 I attend the University of New Haven, in CT where I received two degrees in music. Following my graduation, I began mixing music and live shows for ESPN, which included ESPNEWS and Football Friday among others. During this time, I continued to delve into my passion for DJing, focusing on scratching, battling, and new genres to learn and master. Two of my favorite mixes came out of this period, "Death of a House DJ” and “Resurrection of a House DJ".
In 2007, I teamed up with another Lowtech resident DJ, DJ ELETE to put together a series of mixes for a new Podcast, lovingly titled "Lowtech". We used this outlet to post our old mix tapes, but to also put out new mixes using our vast collection of vinyl in an effort to memorialize some of the greatest dance tracks ever released. More than 24 hours of great dance music has been mixed for the show, and in many different genres ranging from Disco House to Drum and Bass. All of these mixes are still available for free on iTunes and at http://www.podOmatic.com/lowtech.

My goal now is to bring a new found vigor back into releasing new mixes of both old school tracks (vinyl only) and new dance tracks for the masses to enjoy. I am still living in Connecticut and I hope to meet new producers, DJ's, promoters, and fans as I continue to grow as an artist and a fan of Dance music.

I hope you enjoy.


Reading the crowd feeling the music and being able to mix it all into one amazing story.

Rob Bamboo Cifre

Another Drum and Bass Mix by Dj ONIT